As residents of Saskatoon search for relief from the scorching heat, one retired physics teacher is keeping cool using a scientific approach - pointing a fan towards the window.

"You need another window open somewhere to blow the hot air out,” Ivan Tam said.

“The key is try to still get air flow in so you’re pulling air in from somewhere else in the house rather than if you blow the hot air out, hot air is going to come back in.”

Tam also suggests keeping your home cool at night as well, reducing the temperature by 5 C.

“In the evening your house is going to cool off. Try to get the hot air out of your house, so that the next day you’re not starting at 25 C.”

SaskPower also has several suggestions for beating the heat, while saving a few dollars in the process.

“Take a pillowcase or a sheet and about an hour before bed, stick it in the freezer. Sounds crazy but it works well to stay cool at night,” spokesman Jonathan Trembley said.

Environment Canada issued an extreme heat warning for southern Saskatchewan, including Saskatoon, with temperatures remaining in the thirties until Saturday.