PRINCE ALBERT -- Alcoholic beverages can now be delivered to homes in Saskatchewan along with food by delivery services which obtain a permit from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA).

“This a good development for us in that it can help increase the check averages. For instance if someone wants to order in, they can order a nice bottle of wine with that,” said Hospitality Saskatchewan President and CEO Jim Bence.

The change allows people to order both liquor and food from one app or businesses.

Bence is also pleased the province passed legislation to cap third party delivery service fees at 18 per cent.

Bence says commissions are 25 to 30 per cent and this will help boost profits for restaurant owners.

“It’s extremely difficult right now and that certainly helps them keep more money in their pockets,” said Bence.

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority made the announcement Wednesday.

The change will allow delivery companies such as Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats and DoorDash to obtain a home delivery permit.

"Takeout and delivery has become a popular option for many since the pandemic began," Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Jim Reiter said.

"This change provides an additional opportunity for individuals and businesses who may be interested in providing home delivery of alcohol products."

Contractors who make alcohol deliveries for delivery companies must be 19 years of age or older and have valid server intervention certification.

Deliveries can only be made to customers 19 years or older.