Saskatoon Police Service says it is looking into an apparent assault on a woman by several children at Pleasant Hill Park.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. Monday, according to a witness CTV news spoke with.

Bonnie Halcrow is the woman seen in the footage. She told CTV News that she feared for the life of her 10-year-old child, who could only watch as her mother was beaten.

“All I could think about was ‘I hope my daughter is OK,’” Halcrow said over the phone.

Halcrow, who lives in Manitoba, said she’d been visiting Saskatoon since Friday.

The video appears to show a group of young children punching and kicking Halcrow several times before dispersing.

She said it started when she got after a group of children harassing a man pushing a fridge on a trolley through the park.

When they realized she was filming everything on the phone, she said they went after her.

"They kept throwing sticks and stones at the man and I told those kids to quit doing that," she said. "I don’t stand for that."

"I have PTSD so when you've been attacked, you have that fight-or-flight instinct and you have two choices," she said.

"And I chose to fight. I could have ran but I don't think my daughter could outrun them. She was screaming and crying and she was so scared for her mom — and I didn't shed a tear because I wanted to be strong for her."

Halcrow said she suffered bruises and cuts on her whole body, including many on her back.

The witness, who recorded the video, requested anonymity because he fears for his safety.

“So basically I just recorded it and hopefully people will see this and it will create more awareness and possibly someone is going to do something about it, and maybe even have security in the parks."

The witness said he had tried to intervene after seeing a group of kids throwing stones at “people going by."

“I was like, ‘stop, that’s not a nice thing to do’ and this kid said, ‘you’re not my dad.’

They stopped and I went and sat down but I didn’t realize one of the ladies recorded it [on her phone]. A few minutes later they went to this lady and started beating her up.”

Police spokesperson Julie Clark told CTV News in an email: “We have since been in contact with the complainant and will be looking into the matter."

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