SASKATOON -- Community heroes stand out in small villages like Bradwell, located east of Saskatoon with roughly 160 residents.

The community centre is the heart of the village where fundraisers, birthday parties and other village events all take place.

Adele Yanke is the president of the Community Centre and has worked hard to ensure its continued success.

“The money that she has raised just to keep our community centre operating has been in the thousands and thousands of dollars,” said Bradwell resident Hank Ukrainetz.

“There is no one more passionate in this community, than keeping this community together than Adele,” said Ukrainetz.

It was there where Yanke’s passion for helping others began.

“Growing up, we were always involved in everything that went on so I just kind of continued along with the way I always did things, was just take part and take initiative,” said Yanke.

Last August she heard that a few Bradwell residents were forced to travel to use another community's food bank. Yanke got her daughter involved, helping collect items on Halloween.

“We just started a food bank and it’s been great, the community’s been great, we’ve gotten donations, cash donations,” said Yanke.

“We do our deliveries every two weeks.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the community has been forced to pivot in a different direction for its Telemiracle fundraiser.

They put on a four-hour radiothon on Friday featuring local talent. It raised $3,030 – twice their goal.

The community is still collecting money for those looking to contribute.

Adele Yanke is CTV’s Hometown Hero for February, a recognition she said she wasn’t expecting.

“I just always do what I do and I have never really thought of anything like that. It was really nice of somebody to think of me that way.”