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Historic Saskatoon bakery hands ownership to its Ukrainian employees


A Saskatoon staple, Nestor's bakery, which was founded nearly a century ago and has served Ukrainian baked goods on 20th street, will be changing ownership.

The owner of a beloved local bakery says its history runs deep.

Originally founded by two brothers from Ukraine, the bakery once known as Brothers Bakery was renamed Nestor's following a family feud. Over the years, it has changed hands multiple times until today.

Keith Jorgenson, the outgoing owner, reflects on the bakery's legacy.

"We wanted to kind of preserve what we've created here. The bakery performs a unique role in the community. We're a profitable business, but we also give lots and lots of stuff away in the community and raise money for charitable organizations," said Jorgenson.

Jorgenson won’t be the owner much longer, as he has sold the bakery to five of his employees.

Back in 2022, the bakery was in need of staff and found an opportunity to revive its roots by hiring displaced Ukrainian refugees, who will now be taking over the business, returning Nestor’s to Ukrainian ownership.

Oleg Kravesov, one of the future owners said he is excited.

"I'm just 24 years old and by 27 it's a good point to have your own business in Canada. I've been in Canada for about a year and a half, and I'm just a newcomer, and before 27, I'll have my business," said Kravesov.

Some of the staff still have family in Ukraine, fighting in the war with Russia. Their time in Canada has been a formative experience where they have learned about running a business.

Kravesov shared the experience of one of his colleagues,

"One woman has her very own business in Ukraine. She lost it; it’s burnt after a Russian attack. She has great experience. She gives me advice on how I can talk with customers, how I can do my things better," said Kravesov.

Jorgenson says that it's only fitting that the bakery ended up back under Ukrainian ownership. The five new owners will continue operations, selling Ukrainian baked goods to the community. Top Stories

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