SASKATOON -- After threats made to a local high school last week, the school says it will take additional precautions like having police at the school on the date mentioned in the threat.

Last week, a 16-year-old boy was charged with uttering threats after a threat was allegedly made involving Holy Cross High School. On Dec. 3, the Saskatoon Police Service became aware of a social media post showing a picture of the high school’s floorplan. The diagram and the accompanying text indicated the high school was going to be the subject of an attack, police said.

The date on the diagram was Dec. 17. After he was charged, the teen was released on conditions, including one that prevents him from being allowed anywhere near the school.

In a note to parents, the school says the threats have impacted students, staff and family members.

“Saskatoon Police Service has assured us there is no threat to student, staff or public safety. However, since December 17 was mentioned specifically in the youth’s threat, we will take extra precautions, including a police presence at the school that day,” the note reads.

It adds the school will continue to work with police to ensure the school environment is as safe as possible.

”As always, supports are available for students if they are finding this situation difficult or are feeling anxious. Please let us know if support is needed," the note reads.

All classes and extra-curricular activities at Holy Cross High School will continue as planned. Anyone with questions is asked to contact the school.

The teen charged in connection to the threat is scheduled to appear in court next year.