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Here’s how to create an app in Saskatchewan

You don’t need to know how to code to create your own app in Saskatchewan.

“It takes all types of skills to create technology,” CEO and Founder of Ethical Digital, Katrina German told CTV News.

“We need all types of people, marketers, businesspeople, there are all sorts of things required to make something a reality.”

German also said developing apps was not just for younger people.

“In Saskatchewan, we have people of all ages. It is not just a young person’s game.”

She said there was a need for more female representation in the industry.

“Women are only six per cent of technology founders in Canada. So, we need more women creating technology.”

Whether you’re looking to start a business or just get something going on the side, German said it was all possible.

“Some people are just doing it on the side of their desks, and kind of doing it as a side hustle and other people are just quitting their jobs and going all-in,” she explained.

“The idea is you’re just trying to solve a problem.”


For those who have an app idea, German said the first step was to find a technology accelerator.

“They’ll really look and see if you’re idea is a good one and help you test through some of the ideas.”

In Saskatchewan, these are Co-labs, Cultivator, Founder’s Table (by Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan) and Opus (University of Saskatchewan).

“So there is a lot of help and support out there for you and I highly recommend you reach out to an accelerator to see if you’re idea is a good one before you begin.”


The next step to making your app a reality is to find a developer to build it. However, German said they’re in high demand.

But there are many ways you can opt to work with a developer.

“Some people actually partner with a developer and bring them right into the business,” German said.

Others hire developers to work for the business or outsource the work.

Two companies that create apps in Saskatchewan are Love’s Technology and EHelply.

Hiring a freelance developer to build an app is another option, according to German.

“A couple of those other options are Upwork. There are a lot of different development houses on that platform. And TopTal is another one that just helps you find developers.”


Statistics on Canadian businesses show that about 67 per cent of service-oriented companies make it to the five-year mark. But less than 30 per cent make it to the 17-year mark.

German said that while a large number of start-ups fail, that should not deter people from trying.

“Don’t let that scare you. The 10 per cent that do succeed tend to do very well financially, and have bigger returns than regular markets,” she said.

“Technology is a very exciting place. It can really amplify your idea but it is a very risky area.”

German maintained that it’s important to work with an accelerator to develop your idea.

“If you take that MVP, which is called minimal viable product, just the most basic thing you’ve created to see if people will want it, you’re going to get a lot of feedback,” she explained.

“The important thing to make sure you listen, make sure you tweak. What you end up creating may be completely different than your idea but you have to be flexible to make sure the market wants what you’re offering.” Top Stories

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