A Saskatoon teen is being called a hero after saving his CrossFit trainer and his son from drowning.

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Boissonneault, CrossFit trainer Donald Munro and Munro’s eight-year-old son, Cohen, were boating in Greig Lake, about two weeks ago.

Cohen ended up in the water without a lifejacket on, and he began to struggle swim. Munro jumped into the lake to save his son, but the strong waves made it difficult for both of them to stay afloat.

“I was like, ‘No way, I’m going to die,’” Munro said in an interview with CTV News. “I felt like this is it. It took everything that I had to keep my kid’s head above water.”

He managed to yell to Boissonneault, who was still in the boat, to start the engine. Boissonneault, who said he had never driven a boat before, was able to steer to where Munro and his son were drowning.

“I must have had an angel looking over me to help me drive the boat and save his life,” the 14-year-old boy said.

When Boissonneault got close enough, he managed to lift the father and son both to safety.

“He’s like 280 to 300 pounds and I pulled him up. I Grabbed his left arm with my right elbow, and he’s heavy, and the boat kept shifting. But thinking back on it, it’s what had to be done,” Boissonneault said.

Munro said it was incredible to see someone he’s been training use their strength to save lives.

“The little guy saved my life,” Munro said.