SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon man is recovering in hospital after falling victim to a hit-and-run this weekend.

The details of Saturday night are foggy for Greg Semchuk. He only remembers walking to his girlfriend’s house, on Kerr Road, and waking up in a hospital bed.

“I still don’t remember anything – just waking up in the hospital,” Semchuk said.

His girlfriend, Tracey Rotinsky, has been by his side as he recovers at Royal University Hospital.

Rotinsky’s son was the one who found Semchuk unconscious.

“He was left for dead … I don’t understand how somebody could just leave someone,” Rotinsky said.

Semchuk is suffering from a fractured skull, shattered foot, bruising and some memory loss.

“We have a long road of recovery. He’s tough, thank God for that,” Rotinsky said, holding back tears.

Saskatoon police said no charges have been laid but the investigation is ongoing.

Rotinsky and Semchuk are urging anyone with surveillance footage of the road, or who has information about the incident, to come forward.

“If anyone knows anything, has seen or heard anything,” Rotinsky said.