SASKATOON -- Brendan Miller was at work on Thursday when his son Morgan’s girlfriend called wondering where he was.

Within hours they were in Saskatoon at Royal University Hospital where Morgan, 17, was rushed by air ambulance.

“His phone showed that he was at the hospital so of course we got worried,” said Miller.

“The next thing was the air ambulance leaving Neuanlage, that was how we found out and we rushed to the hospital in Saskatoon.”

Morgan was struck by a vehicle while helping a driver in the ditch on Highway 11 on Thursday. According to the Osler Fire Department, Morgan was using his truck to pull another vehicle from the ditch when he was hit by a passing car.

Miller said that when he heard his son was trying to help others at the time of the incident, he wasn’t surprised.

“That’s his nature, he’s always helping people. He is a hockey player and he’s a pretty strong guy and he always comes to the help of the little guy getting picked on,” Miller told CTV

Miller said doctors are doing their best to treat the multiple injuries he sustained.

“We don’t know all the injuries yet because they haven’t been able to put him into the MRI yet,” said Miller.

“He’s got lots of damage as you can imagine. They pulled out his spleen and his pancreas is bruised.”

Morgan also has injuries to his lungs, some broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and some broken bones in his face according to Miller.

“He’s on a ventilator right now, he’s not breathing on his own yet. The doctor figures he should be able to, hopefully in the next few days to come off the ventilator, but everything is up in the air.”

While they wait for tests and results, Miller said he is trying his best to keep positive.

“We’re hanging in there. He’s real strong, he’s a super physically strong kid. We know and we sure hope he will get though this. We’re feeling positive and confident and the doctors at this moment seem confident.”

Miller said that there have been a handful moments during Morgan’s time in the hospital that has help to give them all hope.

“There’s some great wins here. He’s showing he’s moving when his body hits the pain threshold, he has moved all of his appendages, so that is just an awesome thing. At the moment they don’t see any internal injuries to the brain or anything like that.”

Miller said it has been difficult to sit by his son in the hospital, but receiving support from all over has helped to lift his spirits.

“There’s the business community, and the hockey community, and friends and family, and lots of people that we don’t even know. People from all over are commenting and offering support and prayer.

“It’s very helpful for us to read that and see all the people out there that are in support of Morgan.