SASKATOON -- With a little help from mom, two-and-a -half year old Myles Wilson has been doing what he loves to help raise money.

Myles has Down Syndrome and is raising money from paintings he makes to help support the Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society with its annual fun run. Several of Myles' pieces of art are online and ready to be bid on, with more masterpieces coming almost every day.

Myles' mother, Tammy Dunn, was overwhelmed at first when Myles brought home painting after painting, but after a friend suggested she auction some off, the idea to help out a society close to their hearts was born.

Tammy says Myles is happiest when pushing around a paintbrush, or using his fingers to create his newest masterpiece. She envisions this project giving Myles purpose for years to come.

“I think this is our plan with Myles. He enjoys doing it and if we can raise money to support the Down syndrome society of Saskatchewan then we will continue to do so, because he enjoys doing it. And he’s a little artist, he really is.”

Myles' brother, Kaiden, says he has learned a lot while growing up with a brother with Down Syndrome.

Wilson says he loves his little brother, and loves how happy making art makes him.

“If somebody else has something don’t treat them differently because of it. They’re still a really nice person. Just be kind to everyone and don’t treat them differently than everyone else,” Wilson said.