SASKATOON -- A Calgary woman planning to travel across Canada to keep live music alive during the pandemic is making a stop in Saskatoon.

Gianetta Baril will be playing a harp in front of Homestead Ice Cream on Wednesday night.

She’s been travelling across different cities, performing out of her van.

Baril said she hopes her music can bring people joy during this uncertain time.

“Live music was taken away from all of us, not only the listeners, but also for performers. It’s like our voice was taken away – just when we need live music so desperately,” Baril told CTV News.

Baril lives in the van with her pet cat, Misty.

The musician has performed for schools and senior home residents. She’s mostly been performing in her home province, but has made her way to Saskatoon.

Baril’s goal is to reach Newfoundland, depending on boarder restrictions.