Tuesday was the deadline to submit a proposal to the provincial government to redevelop Blackstrap Park.

Two reports were submitted, but a spokesperson for the Ministry of Parks and Culture and Sport said neither proposal includes redeveloping the shut-down ski hill.

Neither report is from British Columbia’s Torey Spink, who had originally planned to redevelop the park for all four seasons, including renovating the ski hill.

In a message on his Facebook page, Spink said the cost risk associated with his plan is too much for him to take on right now.

Spink thanked his supporters in the message, specifically those who purchased pre-booking advanced season passes to the future park. Those purchases will be refunded in full, Spink said.

The provincial government now has to evaluate the two proposals it did receive to see if they match the provincial guidelines for the park. A spokesperson noted that both proposals could go ahead.

If all goes well, construction could start as early as this summer.