Dozens of Saskatoon students walked out of school Friday morning to meet at City Hall as part of the Global Climate Strike.

The strike was inspired by Greta Thunburg, a Swedish teenage climate activist that has brought the issue to the world stage.

“We wanted to be like Greta, because when you see someone on the news and you see somebody doing something that you love to you want to be a part of it,” organizer Stella Mansell said.

“So we just thought 'why not?’”

People from all age groups also showed up to support the event.

“Well we’re here to support the young people because we are grandparents,” Linda Moskalyk said.

“And the thing is we feel that our granddaughter and all the grandchildren are the ones that are going to suffer if we don’t take action right away.”

Mansell’s twin sister, Rowan, also an organizer, said that walking out of class for the day was worth it.

“Why should I be studying for a future that’s not going to be there for me?”

The event has a follow up rally next Friday, which organizers say is going to be even bigger, and will include speakers and a march ending up at the Federal Building.