An 11-year-old girl wildly surpassed her fundraising goal, and has raised about $10,000 in support the country of Malawi.

Hundreds of people gathered in Saskatoon on Sunday to show their support for the East African country. Sarah Molyneux, 11, was hoping to reach a goal of $60.

"We started raising money, and then it became clear that we were going to pass the goal. Hundreds gathered to raise money for the East African country. The goal of the gathering was to pass the goal," Molyneux said.

With the help of friends, family and a host of fundraisers, Molyneux blew past that $60, raising about $10,000.

The money raised goes to Hope For Malawi, the foundation that held a benefit brunch over the weekend. The foundation was founded by Peter and Elaine Zakreski in 2009. It aims to help the people of Malawi following decades of underdevelopment, malnourishment, and the consequences of HIV-AIDS.

The foundation aims at helping people become self-sufficient. It says its work in the Domasi region has meant more fresh water, foot bridges and early-learning centres.

"Now they feel empowered themselves because in doing all of these things they've learned the skills that they need to continue to do them without us. For instance, they can build bridges now, without us. They know how. They can do a lot of building," said Elaine Zakreski, founder, Hope For Malawi.

The money Molyneux helped raise went, in part, toward a house, known as "Sarah's House," in the community of Zomba. It will help a local church generate revenue from what it makes in rent.

"It's a great gift because it's going to keep on giving," said Zakreski. 

Even with the event done, Molyneux plans to keep up her money-raising efforts.

"I hope it goes toward providing more food and more opportunity for the kids there, and the adults too, that they'll get the opportunities that we have now because they're human just like us," said Molyneux. 

The Foundation says all of the money goes to Malawi, and that its two founders will pick up related costs.

With files from Albert Delitala.