It didn’t happen overnight.

An ice castle inspired by Elsa’s castle from “Frozen” has come to life on the front lawn of retired architect Don Greer.

“(My grand-daughters) brought the movie over and we watched the movie together and having worked in ice before, there’s this ice palace in Quebec and I thought ‘I can do that.’”

Once the idea was embedded in his mind Greer headed over to his drafting table and started laying out some blueprints at his City Park home.

“I started sketching pictures of it off and on and I finally figured, I had some time and space to work on it this year and it was their inspiration that carried me forward,” Greer said.

The bones of the castle are several rolls of chicken wire. Once the skeleton is set, it takes a lot of patience spraying a fine mist from a garden hose to build the walls of the sculpture, he said.

Greer and sculptures go hand-in-hand, with several of his sculptures popping up every winter. But how does Greer plan on topping this one?

He wouldn’t spoil the surprise.

“It’s on the drafting board right now. We’re working on some ideas for next year.”

Greer had the ice castle up since just before the Christmas break, and it hasn’t come without challenges.

The cold weather is creating cracks and holes in the castle, but it’s still standing eight weeks later.