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Former Saskatoon teacher on trial for sexual exploitation of a student

A former Saskatoon high school teacher on trial charged with sexual exploitation of a Grade 12 student testified in his own defense on Tuesday.

The defense put 36-year-old Matthew Tumbach on the stand, where he testified he did not have sex with his 17-year-old student when she came to his home in Dec. 2011.

The former science teacher at Tommy Douglas Collegiate testified the student was in the area and asked to speak with him about a personal matter. He said she came to his apartment on Broadway, where they sat at the kitchen table and talked for about two hours, and then she went home.

Court heard how Tumbach and the student had a “special relationship.” He said they would meet in his office to discuss school-life and home-life issues before class.

On Monday, the student described the Dec. 2011 encounter differently. She said Tumbach invited her over to watch movies, and the two had sex.

The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) investigated the student’s allegations in June of 2020. Tumbach surrendered his teaching license shortly after.

According to the regulatory board’s report, the two had sex in October 2014 — after the student graduated.

In this version, the former student invited Tumbach to a local bar. He accepted the invitation and after a few drinks both returned to Tumbach’s home and had sex, the report says.

Tumbach denies allegations that they had sex while the complainant was a student. Top Stories

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