SASKATOON -- The former face of Saskatoon Crime Stoppers has taken a volunteer position with Toronto Crime Stoppers, helping the organization with their social media.

Cst. Ryan Ehalt is known for his bowties and humorous social media posts during his three years as a police coordinator for Saskatoon Crime Stoppers.

“I like to think I helped engage the community in order to help solve more crimes and we did that in various ways. One of the main ways was through a very active social media account,” Ehalt said.

When Ehalt started his role with Saskatoon Crime Stoppers, the Facebook page had less than 1,000 followers. The page grew exponentially with more than 43,000 followers today.

Ehalt hopes his work in Toronto can have a similar effect.

“I’ll be working with their police coordinator to put out content of files and investigations that need to be solved,” Ehalt said.

Under Ehalt’s watch, Saskatoon Crime Stoppers was recognized at an international level.

From 2016 to 2017, Saskatoon Crime Stoppers saw a 52 per cent increase in arrests — a feat that earned the organization an award the Crime Stoppers International conference in Singapore.

The following year, Saskatoon Crime Stoppers took home two more awards.

Ehalt’s volunteer position with Toronto Crime began this week.

In May, he took on a role with Crime Stoppers International as a digital media coordinator.