PRINCE ALBERT -- A Prince Albert couple say they overcame disability, geographical and cultural hurdles to get married.

And they want to share their story in hopes of inspiring others to overcome barriers to love.

“On our wedding day. It’s the start of new chapter of our lives and we were really excited about that,” said Celeste.

Ryan met Celeste on an internet dating site. For eight months they spent hours talking and messaging one another. Ryan has a mobility impairment and in 2011 lived at the time with his parents who didn’t approve of the relationship.

However, 32-year-old Ryan was determined to meet Celeste, 31. He He secretly got a passport, bought a plane ticket to the Philippines and snuck out in the middle of the night. He took a taxi from Prince Albert to Saskatoon and boarded his first flight. Ryan met Celeste for the first time at the airport. Both Ryan and Celeste say the moment they met in person was one of the happiest moments in their lives.

“And what pushed me to go there was I knew that Celeste was the one, the love of my life,” said Ryan.

Two weeks after Ryan arrived in the Philippines, they got married in a civil ceremony at city hall in Marikina City in Manila.

Celeste says she fell in love with his kindness and likes that Ryan is genuine and true to his word.

“I like him because he is true. He means what he says and he’s handsome,” said Celeste.

She also says she admires his determinationand bravery to travel to the Philippines not knowing what the journey may hold.

“I think it (our story) will inspire other people to follow their heart and be with who they want to be with,” said Ryan. Celeste echoed Ryan’s sentiments. “Follow your heart and no matter what other people think or say just do it. It shouldn’t matter what your skin colour is or where you come from, just do it if they think it’s the right thing to do,” said Celeste.

Ryan says his parents have forgiven him for his secret trip abroad and has accepted Celeste into their family.

The couple just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.