SASKATOON -- The heat has caught many peoples attention during summer as front lawns are starting to show its lack of colour in the province.

The co-owners of Sprouts Lawn Care in Saskatoon says much of their business has shifted from mowing lawns to watering themdue to the lack of precipitation.

“So this year obviously the temperature has been super dry and hot so a lot of the ones (lawns) that we end up doing are going doormat and turning orange,” co-owner of Sprouts Lawn Care Tristan Toews told CTV News.

The company has these five tips to remember in the heat:

  1. Heavily water grass two to three times a week
    Each week, lawn owners typically want an inch of water. The longer water goes, the deeper into go in the roots and promote growth
  2. Using a higher setting on your lawn mower
    Cutting a lawn too short will dry it out, in turn damaging the lawn. It’s advised to not cut more than one third of the height of the grass blades at one time.
  3. Watering early mornings or evenings
    Watering a lawn in the middle of the day can cause the water to be sucked up by the suns heatbefore it has a chance to do anything to the soil.  It can also lead to wasting a lot of the water.
  4. Use full coverage sprinklers
    It’s easy to miss spots, especially those hard to reach areas of your lawn. It’s recommended that if you miss a spot to go over with your hose and a nozzle. If your yard is edged it’s easier for your roots to get damaged so make sure to get it soaked, or it will dry out faster and cause damage to edged grass.
  5. Use fertilizer
    Applying fertilizer when you have a healthy lawn helps protect and promotes healthier growth and greener grass. But be sure to only fertilize when watering as it can burn your grass.