SASKATOON -- Cabin owners looking forward to campfires in the District of Lakeland will have to wait until conditions change.

A municipal order banning campfires, fireworks and all burning permits was imposed Monday.

Adminisrator Tammy Knuttila says sparks and embers from man-made fires could start grass or forest fires.

“The snow melted earlier and it’s been drier than usual. We’ve been talking to our residents and consulting with them on the conditions out there,” said Knuttila.

The district considered the provincial Fire Weather Index map, which rates the fire risk as high to extreme.

“With the age of the forest, it's not if the forest is going to burn, it's when it's going to burn so we just can't take that risk the conditions this dry,” said Knuttila.

In the previous week, there were also two small fires in the area, a grass fire south east of Paddockwood and a brush fire west of Christopher Lake.

The District of Lakeland area encompasses Christopher Lake, Emma Lake, Anglin Lake, McFee Lake and the residential community of Elk Ridge.

The City of Prince Albert has also imposed a fire ban on fires north of the North Saskatchewan River including Little Red River Park.

Recreational fires in approved fire pits with a screen cover are still permitted south of the river in Prince Albert.

The rural municipalities of Buckland, Shellbrook, Paddockwood and Spiritwood also have fire bans in place.