A woman contacted police Sunday afternoon and said she believed she and four girls were recorded while using a gas station washroom, according to a Saskatoon Police Service news release.


The 29-year-old woman reported seeing a smartphone lens peeking through the bathroom ceiling, police said.


“There had been a camera placed in a location where a camera shouldn't have been, a place where people could expect privacy," said Saskatoon Police Staff Sgt. Grant Obst.


Following the woman’s call, officers arrested a 25-year-old man at the gas station and seized his cell phone, police said.


While speaking with CTV news earlier today, an employee confirmed the incident allegedly happened at the Fas Gas location on Circle Drive East.


The gas station is operated by Parkland Fuel Corporation. In an emailed statement, a spokesperson said an employee was suspended after the company learned of the alleged incident.


“The privacy and safety of our customers are an overriding priority and we strongly condemn this behaviour,” Leroy Mckinnon, corporate communication specialist at Parkland Fuel Corporation said.


On Monday, a woman shared an image on Facebook showing a camera phone in a broken ceiling tile.


The woman said she and her daughters stopped at a Fas Gas location in Saskatoon on Sunday.


In the post, she claims a male employee rushed into the washroom before they entered, saying he needed to take paper towel inside.


She then describes in the post how she discovered a smartphone hidden behind a ceiling tile.


The 25-year-old man who was placed under arrest has since been released, and officers are working to obtain a search warrant to access the content of the cellphone, police said.