SASKATOON -- Keeping sports fans fed isn’t anything new for Geri Trobak - but what is new is the season she's doing it in.

"We heard so many complaints, like ‘why aren’t you here in the winter?’ So we decided we’d put in a bid and see what happened."

She’s been volunteering with the Box Lacrosse League in Saskatoon for 21 years. She sets up the concessions and looks after food sales with all proceeds going to the Lacrosse league at the Gordie Howe Kinsmen Arena and Archibald Arena.

This year, the city has filled all concession contracts, something that hasn’t been done in years.

Five city rinks will have concessionaires selling food.

The change has resulted in a sense of community in the rinks already, Trobak says.

"It’s nice to see. I noticed that they do a lot of visiting here. It’s been pretty good for the people visiting actually, it’s been quite good."

She specializes in homemade pies, puffed wheat squares and soup, but her homemade burgers are good too, she said.

“We usually do about three of four at a time and keep them in juice. It's the seasoning that goes into them that makes the difference.

"I think having a canteen in here with a little bit of soup and such is good rather than they had food machines in here for years. I know for myself I don't like taking food out of a machine. It just doesn't turn my crank."

The Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association is also on board with the new addition of concessions for their players and fans.

"It's great news for us. We weren't expecting this at all this year. For us to have all our rinks with concessions, it's great for the families to be able to show up if they're coming from work, it's better than working from a vending machine," Kelly Boes with Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association told CTV News.

Saskatoon’s other three city rinks include Lion's Arena, ACT Arena and Cosmo Arena.