It looks like something out of the movie Christmas Vacation - a house so lit up for Christmas it can be seen down the street. When it comes to Christmas, the Adams family in Prince Albert spares no expense.

"We just like spreading joy around the community" says Dennis Adams, who has been decorating his house for almost 20 years. "Its great to see families and kids come and see the lights, and see the look on their faces".

The amazing decorations actually started during a dark time for the family. Dennis' wife Becky was in the hospital with cancer, and the family feared it may be her last Christmas. Dennis, a cancer survivor himself, decided to go all-out on the decorating.

"We had some tough times there at Christmas. I just wanted to make it her best Christmas ever. We look at Christmas lights as a celebration of life".

Once Becky beat the cancer, Dennis decided to keep up his decorating ways, to celebrate their favourite holiday together. From decorations like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and a rocking Santa Clause, there are all kinds of decorations to go with the lights.

"I haven't counted them up, but there has to be thousands of lights, and the decorations, I've amassed them over the years".

Adams says if there is one negative to his decorating, it has to be the December power bill.

"Yeah, it can be a pain" Adams says with a laugh. "But we budget for it, we know its coming".

The house is located on 15th Avenue East in Prince Albert, and the family encourages anyone to stop by and enjoy the decorations.