SASKATOON -- Families of children undergoing cancer treatment at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will have some help in dealing with everyday expenses with the creation of a comfort fund.

"It helps a lot. I didn’t want to start crying, but I am going to start crying," said Shelby Delorne, a pregnant, single mother of three dealing with treatment for her son Weston.

The money will be used to expenses such as for gas, lodging, groceries and parking. Delorne was the first person to receive money from the fund.

The fund will also provide the hospital with oncology-specific medical play equipment such as dolls that can help to alleviate fear in children as well as "port shirts" which make treatment more comfortable and accessible for doctors.

"This is a type of thing we like to support our patients with," said Dr. Roona Sinha, program lead for pediatric oncology.

The fund means families can concentrate on dealing with the disease, treatment on getting better, she said.

The fund is run through donations. CIBC on Thursday announced a $250,000 contribution.