The last picture taken of 21 year old Danny Mantyka shows a smiling young man, holding one of the fish he caught.

A short time later Mantyka and four other people were dead, when their Beaver float plane crashed in Buss Lake, about 200 kilometers north of La Ronge.

The picture was recovered from a digital camera discovered by investigators at the crash site.

On Tuesday the family released the pictures, along with a statement, to the media.

"The family of Danny Mantyka are deeply saddened by his sudden and tragic death at the age of 21. Danny was a loving father, son, brother, friend and fiancé. He will be missed by his fiancé Sara Autet, and daughter Lucy, his father Lawrence Mantyka and mother Heather Warnock, and his siblings Michael, Lindsey and Jackson. This tragedy was compounded by the loss of all passengers and the pilot aboard the light aircraft that crashed on Thursday, June 30th, 2011. Sara's 15 year old cousin, Max Clunie also died on this flight. Danny and Max were close friends - with a deep bond in their love of nature, including fishing and hunting. Digital pictures recovered from the accident document their fly-in fishing trip, their excitement, and doing what they loved to do. These young men will we missed for how they lived - and the joy they brought to family and friends.

A fund has been established for Danny's young family, for his fiance and 15 month old daughter Lucy. Donations may be made at any branch of the Bank of Montreal in the name of Sara Autet."

Peter Hildebrand, with the Transportation Safety Board, says it appears the plane hit a rock outcropping at the side of the lake, before crashing into the water. The plane is badly broken up, and Hildebrand says it will have to be lifted out by helicopter.

That is expected to happen later this week.

Others who died in the crash were 40 year old Wade Cooper and 44 year old Cam Cooper, from the Senlac area, and the pilot – 32 year old Andre Gagnon of Sherbrooke, Quebec.