SASKATOON -- This is usually the time of year when dance studios are wrapping up competition season and are gearing up for year end recitals.

But this year some are stepping up to the challenge to create something unique while following COVID-19 restrictions.

“Well interestingly you have to think outside the box with this current situation and so we’ve been dancing in boxes, nine feet apart from each other, we’re thinking out of the box for the recital,” Brenda Bennett, owner director of Brenda’s School of Baton and Dance, told CTV News.

They’ve been dancing inside boxes because while dancing has been allowed to continue over this past season, most studios put taped boxes on the floor to denote personal spaces and masks were mandatory.

Bennett is joining many other studios in the city by creating a video of their students performing in costume while distancing and then getting it made into a full-length production.

“We’re going to have a drive-in movie experience in the Circle Drive Alliance Church parking lot,” Bennett said. A large screen will be set up on June 5 for two shows with 50 cars each.

Antony Salisbury and his brother Jack and sister Paulina dance at Brenda’s school.

Antony is thankful they got to spend this past dance year in the studio even though they had to be distanced and wear masks.

They participated in some virtual competitions by submitting recorded dances and that is what their concert will look like too.

After last year with strictly Zoom classes from March on, dance staff wanted to try and come up with something rewarding and creative this year for their 300 students.

“I’m super glad that we are able to see the recital again this year because last year it was tough not having that and having to do a video where everybody was in the same place. This is going to be fun because you’re going to be able to see your friends and it will be an awesome show,” Antony said.

La Danse School of Dance is also doing a similar experience for families.

Hazel Stark is the ballet director and says they are taking their show out to Agar’s Corner.

“We’re very fortunate that we have a lot of staff that is high tech so they’re coming up with great ideas and Agar’s corner is perfect location. Families can come in their cars and stay in their cars and honk instead of applaud and at least it’s some sort of event for the dancers,” Stark told CTV News.

She says they feel lucky that they have been able to stay open during the pandemic.

“We’ve been restricted to numbers in our classes, but we just adjusted our schedule. We feel it’s really important to provide the ability for dancers to come in house and dance,” she said.