Fire officials are investigating a case of arson. According to Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services, an early morning garage fire was deliberately set.

Just before 3:00 a.m. Tuesday fire crews responded to reports of smoke coming from the rear of a garage on Avenue K South.

Police received surveillance video from the home owner. “Obviously it was a good choice to set up video surveillance because now we have that to help us,” Alyson Edwards, spokesperson for the Saskatoon Police Service, said.

The video shows a man pull up in a mini van, pour a liquid at the base of the garage door, and light it on fire.

According to police, this is the third time this house has been targeted for arson. The neighbours don’t understand why the home next door is being attacked.

“I sure hope they catch him because it’s getting worse,” said neighbour Ed Hahn.

“There must be somebody out to get him for some reason. I have no idea. I mean, why would they set his garage on fire three times and nobody else’s in the neighbourhood?” he said.

The fire was quickly brought under control. Fire officials estimated the damage was about $2,000.

For police, the video is the key piece of evidence. It could help them solve this crime, as well as the previous two fires at the home.

“In those cases the investigators believed that they made some headway there, and they are just trying to determine if these incidences are linked at all. But certainly this video is a strong part of the investigation,” Edwards said.

Police said the man in the video is 5’9”, weighs around 250 pounds, and has dark hair. If anyone recognizes the man in the video, they’re urged to call the police.