Warning: This story contains extremely graphic content.

Kenneth John Bowman played a “game” with an eight-year-old boy: injecting his hand with a needle filled with “medicine” before raping him, according to an interview between police and the boy.

The interview was played during a hearing in Saskatoon Provincial Court on Tuesday to determine whether Bowman be designated a dangerous offender.

A judge deems someone a dangerous offender if the Crown proves the person is a threat to the safety and mental well-being of the public. Dangerous offenders can receive an indeterminate prison sentence.

Bowman previously pleaded guilty to eight charges, including making and distributing child pornography, administering a stupefying drug and sexual assault.

Cpl. Jared Clarke with the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit testified Tuesday that Bowman was arrested March 9, 2016, after chatting with an undercover police officer in Toronto in an online group dedicated to the sexual abuse of children.

Bowman logged on and wrote, “Morning my fellow pervs. I want to f--- a boy,” according to Clarke. Bowman then uploaded a photo to the group of him sexually assaulting the eight-year-old.

Bowman believed the undercover officer was a man and invited him to Saskatoon so the two of them could abuse the child. Bowman told the officer he had been raping the child since he was six years old. He detailed how the two men could get the boy high on meth and rape him. The two discussed the officer flying to Saskatoon, paying for methamphetamine and a hotel room, since Bowman would provide the child. Bowman gave his phone number to the officer and arranged to meet him at the airport, according to Clarke.

The officer in Toronto alerted the ICE Unit about Bowman once she confirmed he was in Saskatoon based on his IP address. Police arrested Bowman that day outside his apartment building. Officers were then able to identify the boy and reach out to his family.

In the interview with police, the child said Bowman injected his hand with “medicine” that made his knees feel “wobbly” and his voice sound different.

The boy said Bowman injected him so Bowman’s “pee pee” could go all the way in his “bum.”

Officers found photos on Bowman’s cellphone of the boy being sexually abused and raped by Bowman in his apartment.

Clarke presented a letter to the court in which Bowman apologizes for harming the child.

Bowman testified he is HIV positive. Photos of him and the boy do not show him wearing a condom, Clarke testified. The boy tested negative for HIV.

Bowmans’s testimony was part of an expungement hearing that also began Tuesday. Bowman previously pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault against two adult men, but wants those pleas erased. He also wants a guilty plea of aggravated sexual assault against the child to be replaced with the lesser offence of sexual assault causing bodily harm.

These charges stem from Bowman not disclosing his HIV positive status to the men and from the fact a child cannot consent to sex — which includes sex with someone who is HIV positive.

Bowman’s defence lawyer Tanis Talbot argued the charges should be erased and, in the one instance, replaced, because new scientific evidence shows Bowman’s HIV couldn’t be passed on.

Bowman is scheduled back in court next month to set dates for the continuation of the expungement hearing. A judge will eventually decide if he is deemed a dangerous offender.

Bowman also pleaded guilty to one instance of sexually touching a six-year-old boy sometime between 2011 and 2014.