SASKATOON -- The Delisle Volunteer Fire Department is getting set for its second parade through the town Tuesday night to try and lift the spirits of residents in isolation because of COVID-19.

Last Tuesday the crew of about 10 volunteers in their five trucks made a trip through the town of about 1,000.

It took the convoy about an hour and a half to make it down all the streets in the town just southwest of Saskatoon.

The fire crew even made a stop at the house of Dana Boyd who was celebrating a birthday and serenaded her from a safe distance on the street in front of her home.

The unexpected birthday performance "completely brightened my day," she told CTV News.

"We really wanted to do something for our community. One of the main components of our service to be there for the people of our town and RM," fire department Captain Katie Schlosser said.

Isolation anywhere is a challenge, but in a small town it is difficult because people are really used to interacting with everyone, she said.

“This changes everybody's mindset of being isolated in a small town where you're used to seeing everybody everyday. To having to be in your home all the time, we kind of wanted to bring a little bit of Delisle into their homes."

The parade will be visiting more residents celebrating birthdays along the way. The fire department plans to continue the weekly parades until the end of April at least.