SASKATOON -- Saskatoon musician Katelyn Lehner’s latest single “Without You” has become the second most downloaded country song in Canada.

She says it was a surprise when she received an email telling her the good news from tech company Yangaroo on June 2.

“It had only been released to Canadian country radio for three days at that point so it was definitely surprising and I had to read over the email a couple times until I kind of figured out that I actually was the second most downloaded song,” Lehner told CTV News.

She wrote “Without You” in 2019 and with the help of a co-writer and producer released it at the end of May.

The 26-year-old says the success of her second single is starting to “snowball” her music career and hopes it’ll show people she’s in it for the long haul.


Lehner is from Prince Albert and says she’s been a fan of country music for a long time but considers herself more a “country-pop” artist.

She is looking at increasing her team with hopes of getting a record deal.

Lehner says it’s exciting to represent her province.

“I’m happy to put our name on the map and it’ll be exciting to start going and travelling around to other provinces and say I’m from Saskatchewan.”

When Lehner isn’t writing songs she’s sprinting hurdles on the Running Wild Athletics Club in Saskatoon.

“I like to be busy so I just try to schedule things out as best as I can and you know having a good support system with me when I need to.”

Once the pandemic is over, Lehner says she’s looking forward to performing in person again after doing virtual shows for the past year.

“I cannot wait to be able to get outside with a crowd of real people and you know face to face interaction and get to be on the stage with a full band,” she said.

With the success of her song, Lehner says she’s preparing to release a live performance video and a lyric video.

“Now that restrictions are opening up here in the province I’m kind of in the middle of planning an outdoor show.”