It’s the responsibility of dealerships to sell vehicles that meet SGI vehicle requirements such as proper mud flaps, SGI spokesman Tyler McMurchy said.

“Dealers are required to know what is required for those vehicles and not sell a vehicle for use that may not meet those vehicle regulations.”

“A truck might not be manufactured with adequate coverage in the back to meet Saskatchewan’s vehicle equipment regulations, but a Saskatchewan automotive dealer is expected only to sell a vehicle that has adequate coverage, that means installing mud flaps locally that have not been manufactured, that should happen.”

A Saskatoon man is questioning vehicle standards and Saskatchewan Government Insurance policies after he was slapped with a $115 ticket over the weekend.

Robert Ball, of Saskatoon, told CTV News on Tuesday he was given a $115 ticket over the weekend for not having mud flaps on his unmodified 2010 Chevrolet Colorado.

SGI regulations say vehicles require each tire to have a fender, mud flap or body overhang that reduces rearward projection of gravel, mud, water and snow from the tire. It must also be of a certain length.

Jubilee Ford General Manager Jason Bond said he used to get phone calls and emails from customers asking about missing mud flaps after being slapped with a ticket or a warning from police.

In an effort to mitigate these issues, Bond said technicians install stock Ford mud flaps on all vehicles that require them. If customers are looking for more rugged options, they will install those instead.

“We want to do right by the customer and do what’s best for the customer to make it right and that was the whole part of the decision of preloading it for the customer.”