The head of a commission that proposed changes to riding boundaries in Saskatchewan says robocalls don't make a difference in the process.

Justice Ron Mills says the automated calls are absolutely irrelevant.

Mills says the commission will only reconsider changes if a parliamentary committee asks it too -- and even then changes don't have to be made.

The proposal would create urban-only ridings in Regina and Saskatoon, eliminating the current urban-rural mix.

But the calls warned listeners that the changes would "destroy Saskatchewan values" -- all without identifying that the caller was the Conservative party.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists there's nothing wrong with the calls.

Harper says the message simply echoed the view held by 75 per cent of people who submitted opinions to the boundary commission.

Mills says he doesn't know where that number is coming from.

He says the commission didn't do that math and the numbers are irrelevant to its task.