The Broadway smash-hit musical Wicked is taking over TCU Place for the next two weeks, and CTV Saskatoon got a sneak peak backstage, as crews worked to put the million-dollar set together for the show.

Nearly eight kilometers of cable is fed through a maze of a stage with enough power to supply about 12 homes. And it's all for the dazzle of a Broadway blockbuster.

Erica Norgaard, the Wicked company manager, says the sets are massive, but necessary. "It takes us two and a half days to set up. We travel 13 trucks; we hire about 100 people locally to come help us set up this thing today. It's huge, it's a huge spectacle."

The production consistently sells out across North America, and its reviews have been little short of perfect. Critics have said what makes the show so appealing is the modern story-line beneath its fairytale appearance.

"It's about the green witch, Elphaba, the good witch Glinda, and how they meet and why she becomes the wicked witch of the west and it's about their friendship. So it's a really great story about friendship and judging people by the colour of their skin since she's green," says Norgaard.

The witches of Oz made their debut Wednesday night in Saskatoon, and tickets are being snapped up fast. If you haven't been able to snag a seat, the show holds a ticket lottery two hours prior to every performance. You can leave your name at the box office and wait for it to be drawn. If it is, you can buy a ticket for only $25, and watch the show in one of the best seats in the house.