After multiple requests, Correctional Service Canada has responded to allegations made about working conditions at the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon.

In two CTV News exclusive interviews, correctional officers employed at RPC allege management bullying and the rewriting of reports.

CSC recently responded to those allegations, saying, based on the “very slim, unsubstantiated” information, it found “no substance to any of it.”

“We looked into those concerns, based on the information that we had, and the conclusion that we drew is that there was no substance to any of the allegations that were raised,” said Tim Krause, the assistant warden of management services at RPC.

CTV News questioned Krause on how it reviewed the allegations. He provided no specifics, only stating there wasn’t enough information in the reports to corroborate the concerns.

After the two stories aired, a source told CTV News that staff were met with intimidation by management. We asked whether the agency was now investigating who spoke out, and Krause said there’s no investigation that he’s aware of at this time. He did say management reminded staff of the proper channels to report misconduct, such as speaking to a manager, calling a tip line or sending emails.

“All those are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and senior managers at our national headquarters level look into it and they take whatever steps they feel necessary to address the concern that’s raised,” said Krause.

Krause said the institution is working to improve communication with staff. Senior managers will make themselves available during daily briefings and there are plans for monthly staff meetings to discuss issues and solutions. Krause reiterated that the safety of inmates and staff is the agency’s top priority.

“For the officers who chose to go to the media, if they feel that they’re not being safe, please make their concerns known, come to us, come see us, come talk to one of the managers, use the tip line. All those avenues are open to them,” said Krause.

After the stories with the correctional officers aired, CTV News received a number of phone calls and emails from others who say they or a family member has had similar experiences at the Regional Psychiatric Centre and other institutions in Canada.