While the accused sat in a jail cell, she told who she thought was her cellmate that she was guilty of killing 37-year-old Patrick Dong.

On Tuesday Crown prosecutor Michael Pilon wrapped up his case against a 19-year-old woman on trial for the 2016 death of Patrick Dong.

One of Pilon’s final witnesses was an undercover officer who recorded a confession from the accused. The accused cannot be named as she was a minor when the crime happened on Oct. 22, 2016.

An agreed statement of facts submitted at trial says the accused stabbed Dong six times in the leg, causing him to bleed out. A forensic pathologist testified earlier in the trail that Dong likely bled out within minutes because the stab wounds to the back of his left leg hit muscle.

The undercover officer, whose name is also under a publication ban, told the court they had staged a fight so the officer could be separated and placed in a cell with the accused.

Sitting just metres away from the accused in court, the officer took the court through hours of recordings between the two, where the accused described details of the night Dong was beaten, stabbed and left for dead on a gravel road off of Highway 60 southwest of Saskatoon.

In one of the recordings the accused tells the officer how she and others took Dong out of town to beat him up under the belief that he was stealing from them.

“And then we left him. He was still alive when we left him out of town … Guess he slowly suffered and died,” she said in the recording.

Others pointed to the accused as the lone murderer

In transcripts of the recordings provided to members of the media, in one instance the accused describes to her cellmate how her friends and everyone she was with the night of Dong’s murder used her as a scapegoat. She believed because she was only 17 at the time, they banded together to make her take the fall.

“It’s like all these people are (expletive) stating, they blamed it all on me, like all of it. It’s just like a small 18-year-old could commit murder by herself to a grown man,” she said.

“… I guess they all (expletive) got together and (expletive) decided what they were going to say and blamed it all on me because I’m the youth.”

In another conversation the accused is heard telling the officer posing as her cellmate that she’s guilty: “I’m pleading not guilty but I am guilty.

“But the fact is I didn’t do it alone. The other people on camera giving statements, so eventually they’ll be charged too … so it’s all (a) matter of time. It just sucks that the fact that someone rat(ted) and I’m getting first degree.”

The court also heard how the accused was a member of the Indian Posse Gang in Saskatoon, and how she had been a frequent user of crystal meth and alcohol.

At the time of the recordings the accused said she had been off crystal meth for about three weeks.

The accused is expected to take the stand in her own defense as the trial continues.