Prosecutors continued to paint a picture of a family dispute as the second-degree murder trial of Frances Rose Sugar entered day two in Saskatoon Tuesday.

Sugar, 53, is charged in the June 2014 death of her 34-year-old daughter Lindey.

According to police, Lindey was killed after an altercation outside of a vehicle at Clarence Avenue South and Victor Road, about 10 kilometres south of the city. She suffered a neck injury and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Dennis Kissling, a man who says he was with the pair the night of the killing, took the stand as a Crown witness Tuesday.

Kissling told court he was with Lindey, Frances and Frances’ boyfriend when an argument broke out. He said the mother and daughter were arguing about profits from the sale of Ritalin on the street, and that the argument turned to allegations of past abuse Lindey suffered at the hands of her mother.

A brief struggle ensued before Kissling saw what looked like stabbing motions and a silver object, he testified.

Court also heard from the arresting officer, who said Frances surrendered peacefully on the side of the road, south of the Saskatoon, the night of the incident. He said Frances had lots of dried blood on her hands and some on her face, but the defence showed pictures of Frances taken after her arrest and argued the photos show much less blood as well as swelling under her eye.

A third witness, an RCMP officer, said a small pocket knife was found in the grass close to where the alleged altercation took place.

The case is scheduled to last two weeks but could end earlier. The Crown is expected to finish calling witnesses by Thursday.