Crown prosecutor, Kim Humphries, is seeking a ten year penitentiary term for the attempted murder of a Saskatoon man who was left with a severed jugular vein and 18 stab wounds. 


"It's a chilling offence," Humphries said in an interview outside court. "She stabbed [Delaronde] eight times in a very vulnerable part of his body...and for no apparent reason."


Sentencing arguments got underway for Lisa Rene Bluebell Friday morning in Saskatoon before Queen's Bench Justice Dennis Maher.


Bluebell pursued and attacked a man April 13, 2010 outside his apartment block on Avenue T South.  Surveillance video showed Bluebell -- with a tri-bladed knife in hand -- stab her victim eight times.  The wounds caused George Delaronde to lose half his blood volume.


In his 12 page written decision of November 9, 2010, Mr. Justice Maher found Bluebell guilty of attempted murder because she followed Delaronde with a knife and struck him in the neck area -- clear evidence she intended to kill him. 


Justice Maher also found co-accused Michael Gamble -- who delivererd less serious stab wounds -- guilty of  aggravated assault. 


In an interview with, Bluebell's lawyer, Trina Sikora argues a seven year sentence is more appropriate because her client doesn't have an extensive criminal record.


Sikora added Bluebell's pre-sentence report revealed her client has struggled with addictions, family violence, poverty and marginalization as an Aboriginal woman.


"She doesn't have the [offence] history," Sikora said.  "If you give her a few years in custody, with the proper support, I'm sure she can become a productive member of the community."


Meanwhile, the Crown is probing whether it has grounds to have Michael Gamble designated a dangerous offender.  At trial, court heard Gamble is an admitted member of the Indian Posse, a street gang.

Judge Maher reserved decision on Bluebell's future until May 27th.