The family of Colten Boushie and Indigenous leaders are pushing for justice reform while there is criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould for commenting on the case.

Gerald Stanley, 56, was found not guilty in the Aug. 2016 shooting death of 22-year-old Boushie.

Trudeau spoke publically about the verdict on Saturday while in Los Angeles.

“We have come to this point as a country far too many times. Indigenous people across this country are angry, they're heartbroken and I know Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians alike know that we have to be better,” said Trudeau.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was quick to criticize saying while it's appropriate to show support for the Boushie family, Canada has an independent process for a reason.

“I think it is important that we remember politicians don't decide these types of things/ We have an independent judiciary,” Scheer said.

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations said Wilson-Raybould spoke with the Boushie family by phone hours after the verdict.

Wilson-Raybould also Tweeted after the verdict.

“My thoughts are with the family of Colton (sic) Boushie tonight. I truly feel your pain and I hear all of your voices. As a country we can and must do better,” the tweet read. “I am committed to working everyday to ensure justice for all Canadians.”

Regina-based defence lawyer Aaron Fox told CTV News using the phrase “we can and must do better” can be viewed as publically attacking the jury.

“You are attacking those people and the integrity of our judicial system and that’s a very dangerous road to go down,” Fox said.

He also said Trudeau’s comments are inappropriate and uninformed, adding politicians commenting on a court case without knowing all the legal facts erodes the public's confidence in the judicial system.

Members of the Boushie family traveled to Ottawa Sunday for a face-to-face meeting with Wilson-Raybould.

The FSIN has called a news conference for Tuesday on Parliament Hill ahead of the meeting.