SASKATOON -- A COVID-19 outbreak at Elmwood Residences Kinsmen Manor has a staff member calling for Covid-19 vaccinations to the disability sector.

Elmwood staff have confirmed there is a COVID-19 outbreak at its Kinsmen Manor in Saskatoon.

"A significant number of residents and team members are directly impacted, but all are experiencing only mild symptoms at this time," said Elmwood Executive director Rachel Steinke.

Elmwood Residences provides housing support for individuals experiencing intellectual disabilities.

The organization oversees an additional 11 community homes in Saskatoon. None of these facilities are experiencing outbreaks, Steinke told CTV news.

"All residents and team members at Kinsmen Manor were tested on January 15, 2021 after four (4) team members tested positive between January 10-12, 2021," said Steinke. "The Ministry of Social Services is providing additional resources to maintain full staffing levels so that residents continue to receive the care they require."

Steinke wants people to understand how needed the vaccine is with the mental disabilities community.

"This is a somber reminder of the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination in the disability sector. Access to vaccines for residents and front-line staff of group homes must be considered as high a priority as for residents and front-line staff in long-term care facilities.”