SASKATOON -- The Martensville Minor Hockey Association (MMHA) is temporarily suspending its season due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

"We are hearing of numerous confirmed cases showing up in our community," the MMHA said in an email sent Monday night.

"Continuing is just too risky."

The association said it arrived at the decision after consulting with health care professionals.

In the email, the MMHA said that surrounding communities were wary about playing its teams and many have been concerned about attending practices and games.

“We pulled in some health care professionals last night on our board call and talked to them about some of the facts that they were able to to present, and some of the observations that they were making, and ultimately it came down to safety,” MMHA president Trevor Hanley told CTV News Tuesday morning.

“We just decided that the best course of action for now is to press pause. So we're holding all minor hockey activity in Martensville for the next couple of weeks, we're aiming for Dec. 1 return. It's a fluid situation, and that date is unfortunately not set in stone, so we're going to keep monitoring, and hopefully things all point to a direction that we can get everybody back on the ice," Hanley said.