SASKATOON -- Following community collaboration, Confederation Park Community School is changing its name to Wâhkôhtowin (pronounced Wah-KOH-toh-win).

Chosen through a traditional naming ceremony that followed Cree culture protocol, the new name of Wâhkôhtowin School will be implemented in September during the start of the school year, according to a news release.

According to elders and knowledge keepers that conducted the ceremony, Wâhkôhtowin, which means "relations/relationships/being related," can help to represent the connection between school community members through their lives at school.

As well, the name helps to invite students, staff, and parents to be part of the school learning community through the importance of relationships.

"Our board is proud to approve this name change, which is a wonderful example of one of our schools being responsive to its community," Board Chair Colleen MacPherson said in the release.

"Wâhkôhtowin captures what we want our schools to be for our students and families – a place where relationship comes first."

The discussion for the name change started in 2016, during the 10th anniversary celebration of the school division’s Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture Program.

"The word Wâhkôhtowin in the Cree language has multiple meanings and ways of understanding," said Confederation Park Principal Pete Chief.

"This reflects the work we do, not only in our division with our strategic plan, but most importantly the everyday work we do at Confederation Park School."

Due to the ongoing crowd restrictions, a celebration will not be held with the school community during this time, but is planned for sometime during the new school year.