SASKATOON -- The street sweeping planned for the city’s leafiest neighbourhoods is on hold due to freezing temperatures, the City of Saskatoon says.

City crews finished up as scheduled on Tuesday despite frozen road debris that sticks to the road and causes damage to the sweeping equipment.

More than 70 per cent of the planned areas were swept this fall, which will make a big difference in the spring when the snow melts into the road catch basins, the city says.

With extended temperatures forecast to stay below zero for the next few days, the scheduled neighbourhoods for this week are cancelled.

This affects areas of Buena Vista, Holiday Park, King George, Meadow Green, Nutana and Riversdale.

Crews will turn their attention to preparing road maintenance equipment for winter, leaving only a small window to resume street sweeping next week if the temperatures warm up.

Yellow No Parking signs will be re-posted next week if sweeping resumes.