Mayor Charlie Clark says a new solar project in Saskatoon is pushing the city closer to its renewable energy target.

“We’re creating jobs in our community. We’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and we’re using renewable energy to run our city,” Clark said.

The mayor was on hand Tuesday at the Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration Site, off Valley Road, to show off the demonstration project, which was put together by numerous partners and is the first solar power generation co-operative in the province.

“It helps put ourselves on the map as a leading, forward-thinking 21st century city,” he told reporters.

The purpose of the co-operative group is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the project also serves as a teaching tool for Saskatchewan Polytechnic students and moves the city closer to producing or generating 10 per cent of its annual energy from renewable resources.

Clark and others involved, including officials with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Light and Power and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Co-operative/Solar Co-op, hope the project sparks more solar initiatives.