SASKATOON -- The City of Saskatoon will begin removing snow from residential streets starting Wednesday.

It says crews will begin in the Haultain, Queen Elizabeth and Lawson Heights Neighbourhoods.

“Since the snow accumulation is presenting safety and mobility challenges in all neighbourhoods, the order in  which  crews visit  neighbourhoods  is  being  determined at random  and then balanced by ward to ensure progress is taking place equally across the city,” a news release from the City said.

The City says a schedule will be posted on it’s website in the coming days. Once a few neighbourhoods are complete, they will have a better indication on the timeline for remaining neighbourhoods.

Residents with on-street parking will have to move their vehicles.

In a news release, the city says "no parking" signs will go up along streets indicating that crews will be in the neighbourhood soon.

“The goal is to have these installed about 24 hours before the start of work. Similar to street sweeping, residents will need to move their vehicle off the street in advance of snow operations or their vehicle will be towed. This is to give equipment room to operate as well as to ensure the best result.”

The snow removal response follows a massive snowfall in early November that left several residential streets impassable.