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City of Saskatoon announces proposed waste bin utility fees


The City of Saskatoon has revealed what the costs could be for garbage collection in 2024.

Garbage will shift to a utility next year, meaning residents will pay a monthly bill instead of having the costs covered through property taxes.

“Our aim is to offer residents a range of cart sizes that align with the waste requirements of their households,” waste operations director Brendan Lemke said in a news release announcing the plan.

As part of the switch Saskatoon residents will have the option of either a "large" 360 litre cart, the current size, a "medium" (240 litre) bin and a small (120 - 135 litre) bin.

Under a proposed plan heading to a city council committee next week, the small cart would come with a $3.37 fee, $7.05 for a medium cart and $10.58 for the large cart.

Under the plan, which will require council approval to go ahead, residents would pay a fixed rate of $9.92 per month until they select their bin. Top Stories

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