Cash or plastic is an option available almost everywhere. Given the popularity of a cash-free lifestyle, city council is looking to make parking as simple as a swipe of a Visa.

Councillors want commuters to have as many options as possible to pay for parking. Right now, unless drivers have an old city card, they’re stuck with coins to cover their parking sport. The vision for the new meters still includes coins, but it would also take a new city card, and if administration costs allow, credit cards as well.

“We should be making it easier for people to pay for parking spaces,” said ward 2 Councillor Pat Lorje. “Whether that’s a credit card, smart card, or with your cell phone, the more options the better,” Lorje said.

City council sent back an administration proposal for more revisions. The revised guidelines will come back to the executive committee February 25.

Currently, the final cost of the upgrades is unknown, but the city has put aside $950,000 for the changes. According to city administration, the new meters could be up and running this year.