Saskatoon city council could be one step closer to producing green energy at the city's landfill.

At the upcoming council meeting on Monday, the city will look at a proposal to buy fuel from the landfill.

The city has been working since 2008 to develop a landfill gas collection system. The goal is to create an environmentally sustainable energy system. The city will be asked to approve a contract to buy the landfill fuel for 20 years.

The city has been working since 2008 to cdevelop a gas collection system. The federal and provincial governments have piched in around $7 million inot hte $15 million project. The city has covered the remaining $8 million.

Collecting the fuel will power about 600 homes.

The price tag on the project is $7.7 million, but the city is expected to recover the cost after 9 years. "Because the numbers do make sense it's a good thing for us," said Troy Davies, Ward 4 city councillor.

Not only do the financial figures make sense, but using the gas produced by the landfill reduces the city's green house gas emissions by roughly 4,500 tonnes. That's the equivilant of removing 9,000 vehicles from the city streets.

Construction on the project is about halfway finished.