A fire at Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church drew several fire trucks to Saskatoon’s Queen Elizabeth neighbourhood Saturday.

Smoke broke out shortly before 1 p.m. on the building’s roof where two men were working to replace the roof’s metal pieces.

Jason Caissie, one of the two men, believes a spark caused by the cutting of the metal initiated the fire. The church’s priest, who was inside the building, was the first to notice smoke, Caissie said.

Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services crews worked inside the building to evacuate staff and on the roof to find the smoke’s source.

Firefighters cut open the roof with a chainsaw near where Caissie and the other man were working and found flames.

The roof’s wood framing is what set fire, said Cpt. Rob Reynolds, who was on scene. No one reported injuries.

A press release from Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services said the cause and damage costs of the fire have yet to be determined, but Reynolds guessed the damage could be around $25,000.