SASKATOON -- Business usually picks up at this time of year for Saskatoon’s Frontier Supply Chain, a deliver and courier service.

This year, though, deliveries have increased about four times because of COVID-19.

Memo Timon has been working in the warehouse here for two years and that has meant a lot of welcomed overtime this year.

“I’m working 8-7, or 8-6 some days. Those late periods are spent trying to prepare for the next day as much as we can to be organized,” Timon told CTV News.

He’s organizing packages to be shipped across Saskatchewan. A lot of the increased business is coming from customers who don’t want to shop in person, but rather are ordering online then getting it sent to them or a gift recipient.

John Trumpy with the company says in a city the size of Saskatoon, shoppers generally get their own gifts because it’s easy to get around, but this year, they are choosing to shop online from local businesses.

“We’re helping some of these local smaller businesses keep their doors open and their staff employed as well,” Trumpy said.

Canada Post is also seeing increased business with staff already working around the clock to meet the demand from people choosing to order online.

“The Christmas rush started earlier, and it has been heavier up until this point and we expect it to be heavier between now and Christmas,” Jon Hamilton with Canada Post told CTV News.

Hamilton says even though they’ve added 4,000 staff and 1,000 new vehicles to enhance service across the country, they still recommend packages be sent early to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas.